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Ionian Living

The island of Kefalonia is beautiful and unique. The villa is located in the south of the island, has unrivaled views over the blue Ionian sea to Zakynthos. It is built on a slightly elevated position and from its terraces one can see the beach of Agia Varvara on the left and the picturesque harbor of Katelios on the right . Katelios is a small fishing village ideal for families with young children as there is no road between the taverns and cafes and the sandy beaches.

Agia Varvara (Santa Barbara) is a Blue Flag, sandy, friendly beach with clear water with beautiful aquamarine color. Between the villa and the sea lays the small, lush valley of Katelios. For years it has been, and still is, the melon field for the locals. Oranges, lemons, pomegranates, figs, walnuts, almonds, vineyards and olive grove and a great many tropical trees such as banana, mango and avocado make an impressive palette of all shades of green, that one sees from the terraces and from every corner of the villa before the eyes of the visitor travel to the endless blue of the Ionian sea.
The pleasant little valley is easily walked to the beach (900m or 3’ drive) or the picturesque harbor.

The southern part of the island of Kefalonia is famous for its numerous beaches, with clean, clear water. On its sandy coast turtles caretta-caretta often lay their eggs. There are many pebble beaches. For those who love the sea and sun the whole area is paradise on earth. Each day and time visitors discover something new, something beautiful and special. Beaches with natural clay, small coves with turquoise waters, large rocks in weird shapes "thrown" into the beautiful waters by a mythological giant.... The first few days of excitement and curiosity for new images are followed by sentiments of harmony. Then you feel one with the whole, in perfect harmony with the quiet, sweet image of the place. Shades of blue on the horizon, in a fertile green landscape ....
Here, everything is peaceful, harmonious and flowing sweet time leaving you a feeling of fullness and bliss. An ideal place for relaxing and carefree moments. Relaxation and creativity for artists, writers who find refuge in the lush valley of the Lower Elios, and the opportunity to work in an environment of high aesthetics, quiet and safe. Suitable place for families with young children and couples looking for quiet, private moments.